Get your Handz


NFT Game-driven Project!
‍Take part in our upcoming mini-game for a chance to earn unique NFTs and crypto
Combine NFTs to create unique 'Double Handz'

NFT Collectibles

Hand signs and gestures are one of the most widely recognized ways of communicating, it's universal!

Handz is an NFT collection divided into 4 drops spread over one year. Each drop will contain 5,555 unique Handz.

Phase 1: Classic Handz
Phase 2: Future Handz
Phase 3: Double Handz
Phase 4: Horror Handz


Play to earn with our Rock-Paper-Scissor free tournament. Hodlers of common Handz will be able to compete and win unique NFTs and crypto coming from the prize pool generated from sales royalties.

Only the gesture 'Rock', 'Paper' and 'Scissor' will be able to compete in this tournament. These attributes are the most common gesture with a 20% drop probability each. Make sure to get all 3 to fully experience the tournament!

NFT Combinator

Handz hodlers will be able to create one unique 'Double-Handz' from two other 'Single-Handz'.

This will decrease the supply of more common Handz, therefore, increasing their prices, while creating rare and unique NFTs.

Some of these combinaisons will be publicly available, other will be secret and will have to be discovered.


5,555 NFTs per mint
4 Series ('Classic', 'Future', 'Horror', 'Double')
Max 1% of supply dedicated to the promotion
Max 5% of supply kept by the team

Aftermarket royalty fee 3%:
- 1% for Tournament prize pool
- 1% for the 'Floor Buy-Back Progam'
- 1% for the Artist


Q4 2021
Project setup
'Classic' collection drop

Q1 2022
Rock-Paper-Scissor Game launch
'Future' collection drop

Q2 2022
NFT Combinator launch
'Double' collection drop

Q3 2022
'Horror' Collection drop

Get your Handz

Available on November 25th, 7PM GMT
30 ADA per Handz 🤙